VW End of Lease options

VW End of Lease options

Is your VW Lease expiring? We can help.

At OpenRoad VW we work with Volkswagen Finance to assist lease customers, regardless of where in Canada you purchased your VW. You can return your VW lease to any certified VW dealer in Canada and we are here to answer your questions and faciilitate your end of term lease options.

At the end of your lease you have two options:

Option 1: Turn in your VW to OpenRoad Volkswagen

Simply book an appointment with our team and bring your cars, keys and identification. We’ll look after the rest. Be sure you vehicle is clean and you have removed your personal belongs. When you drop off your vehicle, we will show you your VW loyalty options to finance or lease a new VW. 

Option 2: Purchase your VW

Not ready to let go of your current VW? No problem! You have the option to purchase your vehicle at the end of the lease period.

Call (604)298-0038 and book a no obligation appointment with our Finance Manager, to understand your options, before your lease expires. See us up to 12 months before your lease expires to understand the buy out value of your VW so you have time to make an informed decision.