Eurovan Expert Service at OpenRoad VW

Eurovan Expert Service

At OpenRoad VW we have a soft spot for VW Eurovans. We have 3 team members who own EuroVans and our lead Master technician has decades of experience working on them.

We are well equipped, experienced and easy to chat with about your Eurovan repair and maintenance work. We are also the only VW Germany approved VW classic parts authorized dealer in Great Vancouver.

As a Eurovan owner, we encourage you to get involved in the repair process. You are invited to join Al (our lead Technician) in the shop for a detailed explanation of all repairs and recommendations.

Other worthy mentions from the OpenRoad VW team


Provincial inspection




VW dealership


Friendly and knowledgeable

VW service


Discounted rate

for all VW over 10 years old


20% off on labour

for qualified VW


10% off on parts

for qualified VW

To begin, give us a call on (604) 298-0038 and ask to speak with Dom or Chris — our two senior Service Advisors — or simply drop by with your Van to discuss what work you are looking to get done.

We look forward to getting your EuroVan ready for another road trip,

Ben Lovie General Manager Shane Gordon Service Manager Austin Barnscher Parts Manager and Eurovan owner